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Chrysler 300

Our “Baby Bentleys”

The Chrysler 300 was first introduced to the British car market in 2005, since then Chrysler 300 has secured its place within the wedding car sector, the Chrysler 300 has become an extremely popular choice of wedding car, from being a main bridal car, to one of the supporting bridal party vehicles, the Chryslers looks and presence makes it an impressive car on the day. Commonly known as the “Baby Bentley” for its styling, the Chrysler 300 is often mistaken for a Bentley due to the similar styled appearance and impressive size of the car.

Comfort and style

Now one of the more popular choices of wedding cars, the Chrysler 300 is one of the more suitable and flexible cars in the wedding car market today, form being the choice of brides as a main bridal car to that of a supporting bridal party option, the sheer size of this car and style projects an impression of extravagance often mistaken for a Bentley the Chrysler 300 is sure to impress either as a lead car being supported with Mercedes or as supporting vehicle to either Rolls Royce, Bentley continentals or the ever popular Beauford Convertibles